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Podcast: Must Listen

How AI adds to human potential

Intel’s Lama Nachman & Scale AI’s Alexandr Wang

JEFF BERMAN: Hi, it’s Jeff Berman, your host for Masters of Scale. There’s so much talk about artificial intelligence taking things away from people, …

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Who really won The Oscars

The Black List’s Franklin Leonard

JIMMY KIMMEL: And welcome to the 96th Oscars, everybody! Look at these beautiful human actors.

ARIANA GRANDE: And the Oscar goes to… 


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Podcast: Episode 134: Must Listen

Scale your curiosity

Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer

JESSIE BARRY: Swainson’s thrush — one of those birds that has a beautiful song, but you don’t see ’em that often. They hang out …

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Podcast: Episode 133: Must Listen

Evolve your vision

Imagine Entertainment’s Ron Howard

Ron Howard on trusting his own curiosity

RON HOWARD: I was out there hustling and not getting a lot of parts.

I was no …

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