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Podcast: Must Listen

How AI adds to human potential

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Generative AI is advancing at a breakneck pace, prompting questions on risk and opportunity, from content creation to personal data management. In a special live recording, we delve into the ways AI can augment human work and spur innovation, instead of simply using AI to cut costs or replace jobs. Host Jeff Berman joined a seasoned AI researcher, Intel’s Lama Nachman, and a young start-up founder, Scale AI’s Alexandr Wang, on stage at the Intel Vision event in April 2024. They explore topics like AI’s disruption of creative industries, mitigating its biggest risks (like deep fakes), and why human critical thinking will be even more vital as AI technology spreads.


“As AI advances at a blistering pace, it’s a growing part of every business, in addition to being an industry sector all its own.”