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Masters of Scale Summit, October 2022

Taking risks can be the catalyst for immense scale or dire straits. Avoiding taking any risks at all leads to stagnancy and empowered competitors. The key is to know which risks are worth taking, and when and how to take them. This episode highlights the best conversations we’ve had recently about taking advantage of risk and how fortune favors the brave.

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When the moment chooses you (Part 1)
President Barack Obama
The secret power of onboarding
Canva’s Melanie Perkins
How to find your big idea
Spanx’ Sara Blakely
Do things that don’t scale
Airbnb’s Brian Chesky
How Covid lessons get tested by inflation
Union Square Hospitality Group’s Danny Meyer
Flipping your strategy in a volatile market
Zillow’s Susan Daimler
Charging toward a clean energy future
EVgo’s Cathy Zoi
How we served 150 million meals in Ukraine
World Central Kitchen’s José Andrés
How to harness risk
New Georgia Project’s Stacey Abrams
Urgent lessons from a cyberattack
SolarWinds’ Sudhakar Ramakrishna
How mission fuels risk-taking
Illumina’s Francis deSouza
Take bigger risks
MetricStream & Nordstrom’s Shellye Archambeau
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