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What campus protests mean for business

General Catalyst’s Ken Chenault & General Catalyst’s Ken Frazier

Business leaders face new pressure on whether to take action on the issues of our time. Ken Frazier and Ken Chenault offer their unfiltered advice as two of America’s most prominent executives.

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Podcast: Must Listen

Preserve start-up spirit at scale

Techstars’ Maëlle Gavet

Maëlle Gavet shares lessons drawn from her vast experience, including the transformation of Russia’s Ozon, leadership roles at Priceline and Compass, and the advice she gives founders as the CEO of Techstars.

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Riding the Ozempic wave

Ro’s CEO Zach Reitano

Rabid demand for weight-loss drugs is transforming the healthcare industry. Zach Reitano, CEO of the telehealth platform Ro, guides Bob Safian through the upheaval and lessons of the transformation.

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