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Podcast: Must Listen

Which start-ups change the future?

Floodgate’s Mike Maples, Jr.

Think of a tech start-up that has changed your life in the last 20 years, and Mike Maples, Jr. was probably helping fuel its growth. Mike talks with host Reid Hoffman about the insights he’s gathered from decades of investing.

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Podcast: Episode 141: Must Listen

Leading across great divides

Protect Democracy’s Ian Bassin

Just like private companies, many not-for-profit organizations begin when a founder sees a gap in the market. Learn how Ian Bassin did just this as he built and scaled Protect Democracy.

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Podcast: Must Listen

4 secrets to building your network

August Capital’s David Hornik, Endeavor’s Linda Rottenberg, Demographer Jennifer Sciubba & Google’s James Manyika
Human beings are social creatures, with a critical need to connect with others. This drive gives shape and meaning to our personal and professional lives. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, the path to success relies on strong, human-centered networks. In this special episode, we revisit the Masters of Scale Summit to hear from leaders, including our very own Reid Hoffman, who share inside stories on how to build — and nurture — professional and personal networks. Learn how to network with authenticity, multiply the positive attributes of your network, and recognize your own biases to prevent blind spots on your journey to scale.
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How to inject AI into your core business

Smart Eye’s Rana el Kaliouby
Rapid Response with Bob Safian: Should you begin incorporating AI now or wait to see how it shakes-out for early adopters? AI pioneer Rana el Kaliouby urges business leaders to embrace their exploration mindset in order to accelerate faster. El Kaliouby takes us inside her own AI shop, Smart Eye, where she serves as deputy CEO, to share their process for adapting to the latest technology. An expert on emotional AI and its ethical boundaries, El Kaliouby argues that to succeed in the AI era, we need to focus on what makes us human. She offers key lessons about AI’s role on your core product and functions as well as the risks of overreaching.
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Make AI your co-pilot

Microsoft’s John Maeda
Rapid Response with Bob Safian: Can you truly take advantage of AI before speaking its language? Microsoft’s VP of Design and AI, Dr. John Maeda discusses AI’s common misconceptions and its misunderstood opportunities. A veteran of AI development, John shares valuable insights for entrepreneurs about how to engage with the new technology — from overcoming trepidation to making AI work harder for you — and AI’s potential to help leaders make better decisions.
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