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Podcast: Episode 141: Must Listen

Leading across great divides

Protect Democracy’s Ian Bassin

Just like private companies, many not-for-profit organizations begin when a founder sees a gap in the market. Learn how Ian Bassin did just this as he built and scaled Protect Democracy.

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Podcast: Episode 137: Masters of Scale

Throw out your rules

Pixar’s Ed Catmull

Drawing on his experience as co-founder of Pixar, Ed Catmull shares his hard-won insights from his career as a pioneering technologist, animator, and storyteller.

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GaryVee wants your attention

VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk – or GaryVee – joins Rapid Response to preach the need for widespread empathy and fearless leadership, and he uncovers the secrets to his new platform’s unconventional scale.

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Podcast: Must Listen

How great cultures are built and rebuilt

Burberry & Apple’s Angela Ahrendts, Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi & Google & Schmidt Futures’ Eric Schmidt

Recorded live at the Masters of Scale Summit in San Francisco, three legendary culture-setters sit down with host Bob Safian to discuss how they’ve built and rebuilt great cultures at Apple, Uber, Google, and more.

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Podcast: Episode 132: Must Listen

Build your culture like a product

HubSpot’s Dharmesh Shah

Your company’s culture is the bedrock of everything you do. So you can’t afford to just let your culture emerge — you need to build it with the deliberate approach of a product designer. Then you need to bring that culture to life by winning buy-in from your team.

This is exactly what Dharmesh Shah did at HubSpot — as laid out in the famed HubSpot Culture Code. This living document continues to inspire founders and business leaders to adopt a product design approach to building their own vibrant and adaptable company cultures.

In this episode, Dharmesh talks through the inspiration behind the Culture Code, and reveals how he built and rebuilt some of its most inspiring elements — all while keeping his team invested.

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Live with urgency

The Urgent Life’s Bozoma Saint John

Being authentic defines strong leadership. Bozoma Saint John has continually challenged expectations, moving purposefully across multiple roles, from Uber’s chief brand officer to Netflix’s CMO, from Pepsico to Apple, from working for celebrated director Spike Lee to working for iconic Hollywood talent agent Ari Emmanuel. The wall between the personal and professional is artificial, Boz argues, and a barrier to leading what she calls The Urgent Life in a new book. The best leaders tap into their emotions and listen to their instincts, she says, which helps to drive a team and a business forward.

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Stay versatile

Lululemon Athletica’s Calvin McDonald

While many retail businesses have struggled to cope with a wave of disruptions — from pandemic to supply chains to inflation — Lululemon has continued to scale, even when retail sales elsewhere dipped. CEO Calvin McDonald shares how mid-term strategic planning, control over inventory, and a culture that climbs mountains together has fueled agility and versatility. When it comes to brand-building and community building, Calvin says, it’s critical to lean into listening, so you can amplify what makes your business truly distinctive.

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