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Podcast: Must Listen

Trust your taste

Liquid Death’s Mike Cessario

Can drinking water look cool? That was the driving question behind Liquid Death founder Mike Cessario’s big business idea.

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Caitlin Clark and the new WNBA

WNBA’s Cathy Engelbert

We’ve reached a radical inflection point in the growth of women’s sports, particularly the WNBA. Commissioner Cathy Engelbert shares how she plans to capitalize on this newfound buzz.

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Bracing for a possible TikTok ban

POPFLEX’s Cassey Ho

If the US government bans TikTok, a generation of content creators and brands who have built businesses on the platform will be radically disrupted. With 17 million social followers — 3.5 million of which on TikTok, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Cassey Ho is in the heart of that storm.

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Riding the Ozempic wave

Ro’s CEO Zach Reitano

Rabid demand for weight-loss drugs is transforming the healthcare industry. Zach Reitano, CEO of the telehealth platform Ro, guides Bob Safian through the upheaval and lessons of the transformation.

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GaryVee wants your attention

VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk – or GaryVee – joins Rapid Response to preach the need for widespread empathy and fearless leadership, and he uncovers the secrets to his new platform’s unconventional scale.

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Podcast: Bonus

5 ways to keep your brand relevant

Branding is at the heart of any organization’s identity, product, and mission. That’s why brand relevance isn't a nice-to-have — it's a need to have. This special episode shares key branding lessons from Nike, Disney, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and more.
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Podcast: Episode 122: Must Listen

Brand while you build

Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal & Warby Parker’s Dave Gilboa
Some aspects of your brand will be defined by what customers tell you; others, by what you tell them. In their stories of how they scaled Warby Parker from scrappy e-commerce site to comprehensive eyewear and eye care juggernaut, co-founder and co-CEOs Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa give a master class in how to articulate crystal-clear brand values while also building and iterating based on fast customer feedback. Their lesson? Branding isn’t static. It’s a conversation.
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Stay scrappy, deliver fast

Gopuff’s Yakir Gola
Has Gopuff cracked the code of instant delivery — a field where even Amazon has struggled? Co-founder Yakir Gola talks about the challenge of owning the customer journey from app to warehouse to doorstep, and the reasons why being outside Silicon Valley is giving Gopuff a big advantage as it expands across the United States and around the world. Yakir talks with host Bob Safian about why moving fast is only one piece of the growth puzzle.
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Podcast: Episode 103: Must Listen

How to harness risk

New Georgia Project’s Stacey Abrams

For some entrepreneurs, risk is just part of the game. But for the reluctant entrepreneur, risk can feel more like a necessary evil. Stacey Abrams shares stories of how harnessing and balancing risk can be the key to your success.

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