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Podcast: Must Listen


Author & Psychologist Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth shares why she studied commonalities among high-achieving individuals, her top advice for founders, and why grit alone is not enough.

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Bracing for a possible TikTok ban

POPFLEX’s Cassey Ho

If the US government bans TikTok, a generation of content creators and brands who have built businesses on the platform will be radically disrupted. With 17 million social followers — 3.5 million of which on TikTok, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Cassey Ho is in the heart of that storm.

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Podcast: Episode 141: Must Listen

Leading across great divides

Protect Democracy’s Ian Bassin

Just like private companies, many not-for-profit organizations begin when a founder sees a gap in the market. Learn how Ian Bassin did just this as he built and scaled Protect Democracy.

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Podcast: Episode 139: Must Listen

Mute the hype, amplify the product

Luminar Technologies’ Austin Russell

In this special episode guest-hosted by master hype-ologist, Austin Rusell offers a masterclass in understatement, and shares how to keep the hype from drowning out your product.

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