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Tristan Walker

Tristan Walker is the founder and CEO of Walker & Co., which makes health and beauty products for people of color. He previously headed business development for Foursquare and was Entrepreneur in Residence at Andreessen Horowitz.

“We heard 99 percent ‘no’s.”

— Tristan Walker
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Tristan Walker, guest
May 17, 2017

The best business ideas often seem laughable at first glance. So if you’re hearing a chorus of “No’s” — it may actually be a good sign. So don’t be discouraged by rejection. Instead, learn the different kinds of “no.” That’s what Tristan Walkder did. After stints at successful startups, he launched Walker & Company, makers of the Bevel razor, and learned the secret of how to talk with investors who may or may not share your vision.

Tristan Walker, cameo
June 28, 2017

Strong company cultures emerge when every employee feels they own the culture — and this begins even before the first job interview. CEO Reed Hastings has built a high-performing culture at Netflix by being upfront about who they are and who they aren’t. The company’s famous culture deck offers a 100-slide description of how Netflix sees itself. It won’t appeal to everyone — and that’s the point. If you can define your culture, while resonating with a diverse group of employees, you have a winning formula.