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How to master your emotions


The biggest challenge for founders often isn’t winning the strategic game – it’s winning the mental game. For a master class in mastering your emotions, we turn to Sam Harris, author, neuroscientist, and philosopher. His podcast “Making Sense,” his app “Waking Up,” and his many books have drawn a devoted following among entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond. Leadership experts often talk about the importance of adding new skills to your metaphorical toolbox, but less attention is paid to the actual toolbox itself: your mind. Sam shares how you can manage your own emotions, and master your own runaway thoughts, to not only make it through the entrepreneurial journey but learn more, and scale faster along the way.

“Meditation gives you a choice: Do you really want to follow this next thought, wherever it leads?”

— Sam Harris
About the guest:

Sam Harris is an author, philosopher, neuroscientist, and podcast host. He’s the author of The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and more books, including the recent Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue. He’s the host of the podcast Making Sense and the meditation app Waking Up with Sam Harris.

About the host:

Reid Hoffman is the host of Masters of Scale. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, he’s known for his spot-on insights on how to scale a startup. He’s a partner at Greylock and co-founder of LinkedIn, and co-author of the best-selling Blitzscaling and The Startup of You.

Managing your emotions is as critical as managing your business. You need to cultivate the ability to think and act with clarity.

Transcript of Masters of Scale: How to master your emotions
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