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Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown is the CEO of Upwork, the global tech platform for millions of freelance workers that counts companies from Airbnb to Microsoft among its customers.

“The rules and behaviors around work have changed, and will keep changing a lot, as we redesign what this new world of work looks like. Be ready to experiment, be clear about what the experiment of today might look like, but then evolve that as you learn more.”

— Hayden Brown
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Hayden Brown, guest
June 16, 2022

Most future of work conversations revolve around the “where,” but Upwork CEO Hayden Brown says it’s more important to focus on the “who.” 10% of the workforce at Upwork, the global tech platform for millions of freelance workers, was directly impacted by the war in Ukraine. Hayden’s people-focused approach to the difficult decision of how to manage remote employees there and in Russia is the same mindset she applies to meet the needs of all workers, from people feeling conflict to working mothers.

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