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When to zoom in, when to zoom out

Building a company to scale requires a delicate balance of macro and micro – and knowing where to focus. Josh Silverman has perfected the skill over decades of experience at multiple companies and three CEO roles, at Evite, Skype, and most recently, Etsy. Josh has learned that success isn’t just about zooming in on the details OR taking the long view but about knowing exactly WHEN to switch between these perspectives. Cameo appearances: Scott Suko (Domino expert); Nik Money (professor at Miami University).

“The job of a leader is not to come up with solutions, it’s to define success and define constraints, and then let the team come up with the solutions.”

— Josh Silverman
About the guest:

Josh Silverman is the CEO of Etsy. Previously he served as CEO of Skype, (an eBay company), and Evite. He’s chairman of ScriptEd Inc., which works to equip students in under-resourced schools with coding skills and creates access to careers in technology; and is on the Board of Directors for Shake Shack.

About the host:

Reid Hoffman is the host of Masters of Scale. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, he’s known for his spot-on insights on how to scale a startup. He’s a partner at Greylock and co-founder of LinkedIn, and co-author of the best-selling Blitzscaling and The Startup of You.

Also featured in this episode:

Nik Money is an expert on mycology, a professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and the author of a number of books on…

Scott Suko is an electrical engineer and world-renowned domino topple expert. He’s the founder of the Maryland Science Center Domino Team.

The best scale leaders know exactly when to dive deep into details, and when to zoom out for the wide-and-high view. They see the forest AND the trees.

Transcript of Masters of Scale: When to zoom in, when to zoom out
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