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Finding windows of opportunity


With deserted airports, vaccine and mask mandates, and pandemic-prompted staff departures behind it, Delta Air Lines is once again soaring, recently sharing $563 million in profits with its employees. CEO Ed Bastian, in his third appearance on Rapid Response, talks about capitalizing on the big decisions made amid Covid darkness — from airport renovations to investing in free Wifi — and the opportunities and challenges of adding 25,000 new employees over the past year. Sharing insights on managing tumultuous shifts, as well as his evolving perspective on topics from wellness to business travel, Ed reveals the secrets to first class leadership, including the importance of a good night’s sleep.


“We’ve chronicled Ed Bastian’s leadership journey through two prior interviews since Covid hit, the last time in 2021 when the world was still very much in the grip of the virus. Now, we revisit Delta in a very different moment — for the economy and the travel business.”