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Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is the executive chair and CEO of Microsoft. Prior to being named the third CEO in the history of Microsoft, he was the executive vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group. He is co-author of “Hit Refresh.”

“If your company is going to be successful, it will outlast your founders. If it’s going to outlast that founder, the handoff is going to be super critical.”

— Satya Nadella
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Satya Nadella, guest
August 31, 2021

To achieve massive scale, you don’t just need founders, you also need a re-founder – someone to come in at a later stage to keep the mission and culture on track. As Microsoft’s third CEO ever – after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer – Satya Nadella is doing just that. He discusses how he has transformed Microsoft from a cutthroat culture towards embracing social networks, collaboration, and cloud.

Satya Nadella, cameo
May 17, 2022

Massive change isn’t something you can brute-force — you need to ignite buy-in, again and again, up and down your organization. Because even if your changes will make things more fun, more interesting, and more profitable, you’re going to face defiance and inertia until you clue everyone in. That’s what Bill Ford learned while working to remake Ford Motor Company as an environmental powerhouse — against surprising internal and even national-level resistance.