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Padmasree Warrior

As the CTO of Motorola and then of Cisco, Padmasree Warrior led innovative engineering teams at massive companies — she’s a leader behind Motorola’s groundbreaking RAZR phone and Cisco’s Spin In strategy to support intrapreneurs. Now at Fable, she’s creating a platform for connection and mindfulness around your favorite books.

“If someone’s going to leave your company to start a company, what would you do to keep that talent inside?”

— Padmasree Warrior
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Padmasree Warrior, guest
July 12, 2022

Every company has its own internal factions: engineers vs. designers, East Coast vs. West, IT vs. everybody. The trick is turning factionalism into healthy competition that propels you toward your shared mission. At Motorola, Cisco, and now her start-up Fable, Padma Warrior has tapped into the power of internal divisions. It’s not about separating people into warring camps; it’s about building bridges from our differences, rather than divisions.