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Podcast: Episode 136: Must Listen

Tap into collective genius


What happens when you tap into the collective genius of a diverse group? Does the cross-pollination of ideas let you create something greater than the sum of its parts?

The real magic happens when you create a network of changemakers: people united by a common cause who will drive impact and innovation. Doing this will vastly improve your odds of forging groundbreaking solutions to the challenges you face.

Reshma Saujani did this when she founded Girls Who Code, which has supported thousands of young women and non-binary people to take up impactful roles in the tech industry and beyond. With her latest venture, Moms First, she’s again deploying her skills as a master of impactful networking.

In this episode, Reshma reveals how she’s built inclusive networks of collaborators to tackle intractable problems from unexpected angles and unlock massive opportunities.


“I believe building a network of change makers is the most powerful way to unlock opportunity and uncover creative solutions.”