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Kathryn Finney

Kathryn Finney is the CEO of Genius Guild, a venture studio that invests in Black entrepreneurs.

“When you are an entrepreneur of color, it’s really important to know that the universe is conspiring for your greatness. Know that the universe really wants you to win, even when it doesn’t seem like it.”

— Kathryn Finney
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Kathryn Finney, guest
June 9, 2022

Entrepreneurship is an essential tool for building a more equitable society — which is why Kathryn Finney is laser-focused on encouraging people who don’t fit the mold of the stereotypical founder to jump in. Her new book, “Build the Damn Thing,” taps into wisdom from her years at the venture studio Genius Guild and beyond. She brings a message to founders: The universe is conspiring for your greatness.

Kathryn Finney, cameo
October 4, 2022

Taking risks can be the catalyst for immense scale or dire straits. Avoiding taking any risks at all leads to stagnancy and empowered competitors. The key is to know which risks are worth taking, and when and how to take them. This episode highlights the best conversations we’ve had recently about taking advantage of risk and how fortune favors the brave.