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Jack Conte

Jack Conte is the CEO and co-founder of Patreon, a company whose mission is to “change the way art is valued.” A multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and arranger, Jack is also one-half of the band Pomplamoose, along with his wife Nataly Dawn; and co-founder of the funk band Scary Pockets. Both groups release weekly music videos and covers with the help of a rotating roster of top session musicians. Jack believes that his identity as a creator is the best asset he brings to Patreon.

“What I’ve learned is: rapid insatiable curiosity is one of the most important things. If you don’t approach everything with curiosity, then you don’t know fast enough when you were wrong and when you were right about things.”

— Jack Conte
Featured in these episodes:
Jack Conte, guest
September 6, 2022

When is it time to double down on your instincts, and when is it time to open yourself up to feedback? Sometimes it comes down to a hard call… that you might get totally wrong. In Part Two of our episode with Patreon’s Jack Conte, you’ll hear how he was able to raise capital by telling his authentic story after a series of pitches that went disastrously wrong! And you’ll hear how his worst mistake as a founder helped him reconnect with Patreon’s mission and community, and build Patreon into a $4B company. How can being wrong accelerate your business? It takes running at the solution with insatiable curiosity.

Jack Conte, guest
August 30, 2022

Building a business means making mistakes. Lots of them. But how you’re wrong isn’t always obvious. Jack Conte has learned this lesson as a working musician — and while scaling Patreon into a company worth $4b. In Part One of a two-part series, you’ll hear how Jack wrote his own Wrongness Playbook, as he learned to answer questions like: If something isn’t working, is it time to trust your instincts? Or is there critical feedback you’ve been ignoring?