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Eric Trigg

Eric Trigg is a rancher. He and 22 other members of his family are co-owners of the Trigg Family Ranch in New Mexico, a functional cattle ranch.

Featured in these episodes:
Eric Trigg, cameo
May 19, 2020

In Part 2, Angela arrives at Apple, which feels like another planet after her years in fashion. In never-before heard stories, Angela shares how she learned the language of tech (the physical store is the ‘hardware’; the experience inside the ‘software’), then introduces innovations that change the face of Apple retail, from an app (The Loop) that let store managers collaborate to the landmark “Today at Apple” program, building community through free classes inside each Apple store. Throughout, Angela shows her team, through words and actions, that each person matters, and that they’re all a part of something much bigger than themselves. Cameo: Eric Trigg (Trigg Ranch).