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Ed Bastian

Ed Bastian is the chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines. During his tenure as CEO, Delta has become the world’s most awarded airline.

“We say, keep climbing. That’s our motto. That has never been more powerful than right now.”

— Ed Bastian
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Ed Bastian, guest
September 21, 2021

Collaboration drives performance in the modern economy. Yet the uncertainty and dislocation of our pandemic experience has unsettled workplace expectations and cultures. Managing a team today requires a new mindfulness about physical and mental health, what motivates performance, and how to build creativity in remote, hybrid, and fluid conditions. In this special episode, we share five moves that are essential to building a successful team spirit right now.

Ed Bastian, guest
April 8, 2021

Ed Bastian bet at the start of the pandemic that focusing on consumer confidence and reinforcing Delta’s brand would pay big rewards.

Ed Bastian, guest
June 27, 2020

A candid interview from the industry hardest hit by the pandemic: travel. Delta saw seat bookings fall to less than 5% of normal, had 40,000 employees go on unpaid leave, and raised $14 billion in funding, to withstand a cash burn that still stands at $30 million a day. To rebuild traveler trust, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has enacted a slew of new safety standards.