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Alex Lieberman

Alex Lieberman is the CEO of Morning Brew. Alex and his co-founder, Austin Rief, started an email newsletter about the business world while undergraduates at the University of Michigan. Just a few years later, they have an audience of nearly 3 million people, and in the midst of the pandemic sold a majority interest to Business Insider for a reported $75 million.

“As an entrepreneur, there’s always more to achieve, there’s always the next place to get to.”

— Alex Lieberman
Featured in these episodes:
Alex Lieberman, guest
April 1, 2021

Ad revenue for Morning Brew’s newsletter dried up when the pandemic hit, but its audience remained devoted. Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman, who started the business with co-founder Austin Rief as undergraduates at the University of Michigan, leaned into the brand’s distinctive personality, fueling a sharp rebound. Next step? Selling a majority interest to Business Insider for a reported $75 million. An authentic voice, he says, is a shortcut to business success.

Alex Lieberman, cameo
May 29, 2021

Shift your mindset. Tighten your focus. Map your future. In this special episode, Reid Hoffman presents a five-step playbook for post-crisis success. Moving from chaos to calm requires a revised agenda, whether the pandemic crushed your business or boosted it. Peace-time strategies need to be just as sharp as wartime strategies.