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Adi Tatarko

Adi Tatarko is the co-founder and CEO of home design website Houzz. Houzz attracts 40 million unique users a month and features over 2.3 million home design pros in 15 countries.

“If you have the mindset that something big is waiting for you, you can’t give up.”

— Adi Tatarko
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Adi Tatarko, guest
April 20, 2021

Frustration is an important signal: it indicates an opportunity, a problem to be solved, a path to scale. Adi Tatarko founded the online home-design site Houzz with her husband after their own home reno turned into a nightmare. By building a tool that flipped their frustration on its head, they’ve grown Houzz into a bustling platform and marketplace for homeowners, designers, architects, craftspeople. Learn how to identify frustration – and flip it.