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How to build your company to last


Forget being a unicorn. Learn to be a phoenix. Your company can last 100+ years — but you’ll need the resilience to rise and fall, and rise again. Fiat’s chair John Elkann shares the principles that helped the “horseless carriage” company founded by his great-grandfather survive the ups and downs of a century of business. One key: Resilience. Another: Deciding which company traditions to keep, and which to leave in the past.

“Like metabolisms, companies end up being weaker as they grow.”

— John Elkann
About the guest:

John Elkann is the chairman and CEO of Exor, the investment company managed by the Agnelli family. His great-great grandfather, Giovanni Agnelli, founded Fiat in 1899, and John now chairs the automaker and its brands, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Maserati, and, of course, Fiat.

About the host:

Reid Hoffman is the host of Masters of Scale. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor, he’s known for his spot-on insights on how to scale a startup. He’s a partner at Greylock and co-founder of LinkedIn, and co-author of the best-selling Blitzscaling and The Startup of You.

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You can scale a business that lasts a century or more, but you have to learn to rise and fall and rise again. Forget being a unicorn. Learn to be a phoenix.

Transcript of Masters of Scale: How to build your company to last
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