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Trevor McFedries

Trevor McFedries is the co-founder of Brud, a media company that creates digital characters and story worlds at scale. He’s the co-inventor of virtual characters Lil Miquela, Black and Bermuda. In his career, he’s been a touring DJ (as Yung Skeeter), a music producer, a designer and an artist advocate at Spotify.

“If we get this right, we can share a lot of really important stories with the world.”

— Trevor McFedries
Featured in these episodes:
Trevor McFedries, guest
September 29, 2020

You might not know Trevor McFedries yet, but if you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably met Miquela. She has millions of followers, hit singles and lucrative contracts with brands. But she’s not actually real. Miquela’s the creation of Trevor’s stealthy creative media studio Brud, and the delicate balance they strike between artificial and authentic is a master class for any scaling company. In this first-ever in-depth interview with Trevor, he shares his bold plan to create celebrity at massive, multilingual scale; his advice for entrepreneurs of color as they fundraise; and his guidance for anyone connecting at scale: That once you build that connection with your audience, they don’t care HOW you made it. All they care about is how it makes them feel. Cameo: Alison Darcy (Woebot).

Trevor McFedries, cameo
March 15, 2022

In Part 2 of our two-part series featuring Daymond John, Daymond shows how aligning your mission with partners builds trust that can take your scale to a new level.