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Tamara Mendelsohn

Tamara Mendelsohn is a VP and GM of Marketplace at Eventbrite, driving global consumer strategy and overseeing product, engineering, marketing, and business development. She was one of Eventbrite’s earliest hires, joining the team in 2009.

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Tamara Mendelsohn, cameo
January 8, 2019

That constant roar of customer feedback? Be thankful for it. It holds all the secrets to your success, if you learn how to read the signs. Listen to what users say, sure. But also watch what they do and interpret what they need. Eventbrite’s Julia Hartz embodies this principle. She believes passionately in learning from her customers, and has made rapid response to user feedback the driving force behind Eventbrite’s strategy — as it grew from a simple ticketing app to a full-service platform for event creators, offering everything from ticket sales to custom-made RFID readers.