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Paul English

Paul English is a serial entrepreneur, best known for co-founding the travel search platform Kayak, which was acquired by Priceline in 2012. Prior to Kayak, he founded a number of companies, including a customer service company GetHuman, and a website-design company Boston Light, later acquired by Intuit. In 2015, he founded the travel startup, recently acquired by Capital One.

“People follow confidence, but they’re loyal to vulnerability. If you’re vulnerable with your team about the things you’re terrible at, someone will lean in and help.”

— Paul English
Featured in these episodes:
Paul English, guest
January 18, 2022

Paul English, co-founder of travel search platform Kayak, guides us through five critical lessons for the hiring journey. As you’ll hear, English is passionate and relentless about the subject of recruiting – and the scale of the stakes.