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Nick Means

Nick Means, director of engineering at GitHub and a passionate student of aviation history. He is host of the podcast “Managing Up.”

Featured in these episodes:
Nick Means, guest
January 7, 2021

This special episode of Masters of Scale is full of lessons learned from the often devastating, sometimes inspiring year of 2020. Some of our guests share stories about doing everything right – and still ending up in crisis. Others are about overcoming the odds with grit, heart, and compassion.

Nick Means, cameo
June 16, 2020

Forget writing that business plan. Design an experiment instead. So many products and companies fail because the assumptions in their beautiful business plans were just wrong. So stop writing and start testing. No one knows this better than Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup and founder of the Long Term Stock Exchange. After his first product failed, he developed a new method of product design based on running small, fast experiments, measuring the results, and learning from them. It’s a system built on data, not assumptions, and it works with almost everything β€” from app development to airplane design. It starts with establishing your own measure of success β€” then experimenting, improving, and trying over and over again. The feedback loop never stops.