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Bianca Wylie

Bianca Wylie is a public technology advocate based in Toronto. Wylie has fought for digital rights for all, and was a leading voice for the public when the Google affiliate Sidewalk attempted to create a Toronto neighborhood in 2017.

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Bianca Wylie, cameo
December 1, 2020

Scaling isn’t only about scaling UP – it’s about scaling OUT: to new products, new verticals, new customers. And to do this, you’ll need to build bridges. No one knows this better than Daniel Lubetzky, the founder and executive chair of snack food company KIND. Daniel has spent his whole life working to bring together disparate supply chains, products, and communities. Through it, he’s learned the right – and the wrong – way to connect. That means building bridges that people actually want, letting people meet him halfway, and focusing on the foundations so those bridges last forever. Cameo appearance: Bianca Wylie (Public tech advocate).