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Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz Ahmed is the founder and CEO of the digital design and communications agency, AKQA. Ajaz worked at software company Ashton-Tate as a teenager before moving on to Ocean Software and Apple UK. AKQA has created countless campaigns and applications for global brands like Virgin, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Ajaz also founded two non-profit entities: and AKQA Bloom.

“From your greatest defeat, you can often have a profound triumph. And in fact, it’s those defeats that can spur you on.”

— Ajaz Ahmed
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Ajaz Ahmed, guest
July 19, 2022

If you want to capitalize on an opportunity that you think could change the world, you need to drive full speed toward it. Back in 1994, when Ajaz Ahmed dropped out of college to start one of the first digital ad agencies, AKQA, he knew he was at the cusp of the next revolution in tech. And if he wanted to be part of it, he’d have to move fast. Ahmed shares stories about how a band of 21-year-old dropouts built the agency from ground up, winning over early clients by building prototypes ahead of the competition. He dives into how his inner voice demanding him to “get big or die trying” led him to transform AKQA into a global agency with thousands of employees and the biggest clients in the world, like Nike, Virgin, and Usher.