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Podcast: Episode 142: Must Listen

How to score $200M: Angel City’s playbook for women’s soccer


The high-flying Angel City Football Club is rising to a historic valuation in professional women’s soccer, nearing $200 million. When the Los Angeles team started four years ago, franchises in its league went for as little as $2 million. Co-founders Kara Nortman and Julie Uhrman reveal the game-changing strategies behind this seismic shift, created with a third co-founder, actor and activist Natalie Portman. The tale of ACFC holds valuable lessons, from harnessing an outsider’s advantage to tapping an underserved market with fresh perspectives. Their bold vision: prove women’s sports is a lucrative enterprise, champion equitable recognition and pay across gender, and craft an iconic brand fueling community impact. Kara and Julie’s big dreams, brilliant execution, and unstoppable determination have transformed an industry.


“That’s part of how many great ideas take shape: she kept following her instincts.”