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Reid Hoffman’s latest book gives us 10 ways to rethink entrepreneurship

Natasha Mascarenhas|September 21, 2021
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Next Big Idea Club

Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Next Big Idea Club|September 20, 2021
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With His New Book, Reid Hoffman Weaves ‘Masters Of Scale’ Podcast Lessons Into A New Format For A Broader Audience

Marty Swant|September 17, 2021
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Wall Street Journal

‘Masters of Scale’ Review: Make It and ‘Blitz’ It

David A. Shaywitz|September 15, 2021
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Yahoo Finance

Reid Hoffman on How to Blitzscale in the Future

Yahoo Finance|September 8, 2021
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Bloomberg News

David Rubenstein talks to Reid Hoffman

The David Rubenstein Show|September 8, 2021
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Reid Hoffman Shares the Secrets of Getting to Scale

Reid Hoffman|September 8, 2021
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CNBC Squawk Box

LinkedIn co-founder on his advice for entrepreneurs

Andrew Ross Sorkin|September 7, 2021
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Business Insider

A new book provides the antidote for the creeping feeling that the business world is hopelessly out of ideas and awash in get-rich-quick schemes

Jonathan A. Knee|September 6, 2021
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Fast Company

Reid Hoffman’s advice for startups: Sometimes you have to let fires burn

Reid Hoffman|September 2, 2021
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Business Insider

5 Podcasts for Aspiring Startup Founders to Listen to

Jay Silver|August 28, 2021
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LinkedIn News

Idea of the Day, from Reid Hoffman and the Masters of Scale book

Gianna Prudente|August 19, 2021
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