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Sir Ken Robinson

Knighted for his contributions to the UK education system, Sir Ken Robinson might best be known for a TED Talk that inspired thousands of kids, teachers and parents to take a fresh look at creativity.

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Sir Ken Robinson, cameo
December 5, 2019

Every great founder has a second purpose — something outside their main business they’re trying to get done in the world. And every successful company is like a Trojan Horse, carrying this second purpose forward. No one knows this better than Robert F. Smith. You may know him for his legendary Morehouse commencement speech (in which he promised to pay off the student loan debt of the entire graduating class), but Robert’s scaling success and philanthropic work go far beyond that. As founder, chair, and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, Robert finds profound ways to serve both his business and his second purpose — liberating people to reach their true potential — at scale. Recorded live at Summit LA 2019.