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Sarah Hirshland

Sarah Hirshland is the CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

“Never take a customer for granted, even if they’ve been a customer for 20 years.”

— Sarah Hirshland
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Sarah Hirshland, guest
October 14, 2021

In 2021, Sarah Hirshland faced one daunting issue after another as the CEO of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee: pandemic disruptions, social action protests, sexual misconduct scandals, mental health stress and more. Through it, Sarah has motivated her team around a mission to reflect not just where America is now but where it’s going.

Sarah Hirshland, cameo
January 3, 2023

Branding is at the heart of any organization’s identity, product, and mission. That’s why brand relevance isn’t a nice-to-have — it’s a need to have. This special episode shares key branding lessons from Nike, Disney, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and more.