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Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty, co founder and COO of Ginkgo Bioworks, the breakthrough synthetic biology company.

“Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer.”

— Reshma Shetty
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Reshma Shetty, guest
June 3, 2021

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine would not have scaled without Ginkgo Bioworks. Reshma Shetty, co-founder and COO of Ginkgo – slated to go public via SPAC acquisition at a reported $15 billion valuation – explains how biotech innovation can build a better future now. The key, Shetty says, is propelling progress but not at the expense of principles. Engineering genes is a high-stakes pursuit, so Ginkgo is trying to pair the ambition of Silicon Valley with a “higher level of care.”