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Keesa Schreane

Keesa Schreane is Global Partner Director at Refinitiv and the host and executive producer of Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives and the host of the podcast You’ve Been Served.

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Keesa Schreane, cameo
November 15, 2019

Every leader has to set the drumbeat for their company — the culture, mission, and values that get the entire team in sync. And the rhythm has to be true to them. Jeff Weiner is a master at this. As CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff grew users from 33 million to 660 million. He grew revenue to more than $7 billion and ultimately stewarded LinkedIn through its acquisition by Microsoft. Jeff’s drumbeat? Compassionate management. Cameo appearances by: Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend), Monica Worline (Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education), Keesa Schreane (host, “You’ve Been Served”).