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Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is the chairman and CEO of A-Rod Corp, and a former professional baseball player. He’s also the founder of Newport Property Construction, a real estate development firm; Monument Capital Management; and the host of “The Corp Podcast.”

“Winning has much more empathy and compassion and is we versus I, and is long-term versus short-term, and getting it right is greater than getting it fast.”

— Alex Rodriguez
Featured in these episodes:
Alex Rodriguez, guest
May 25, 2021

Even all-star athletes are coached. So why not you? Alex Rodriguez, former professional baseball player, leaned into outside advice at the most challenging moments in his career – and in building his successful business, A-Rod Corp. He shares what he’s learned from mentors like investing guru Warren Buffett and NBA icon Magic Johnson, and how mentorship can help sharpen your skills and open up opportunities. The best way to find great mentors? Build the mindset of a mentor yourself.

Alex Rodriguez, guest
April 27, 2021

To win at scale, you need more than great players – you need a team of great coaches. Alex Rodriguez learned this in baseball, and now as an investor at A-Rod Corp., where his mentor is none other than Warren Buffet. Alex and Reid, with Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox and HBS professor Mihir Desai, take questions from the HBS class of ’21.