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Adam Selipsky

Adam Selipsky is CEO of Amazon Web Services, the fastest growing and most profitable part of Amazon. As well, Adam is leading Amazon’s climate change efforts, pushing to make not just the cloud greener but retail and commerce globally.

“We are a big company, but we don’t want to act like a big company, and we don’t want to have big company-itis.”

— Adam Selipsky
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Adam Selipsky, guest
August 25, 2022

Amazon wants to get bigger, but with that scale comes great responsibility. So says Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, the most profitable and fastest growing part of the tech giant. Selipsky, who also oversees Amazon’s climate change efforts, points to two additions to the company’s vaunted “Leadership Principles” as evidence of Amazon’s commitment. Arguing that AWS is still in early days, he shares what he’s hearing from other CEOs about their biggest concerns, why “carbon intensity” is the best measure of climate progress for businesses, and what Amazon’s aspiration to be “Earth’s best employer” really means.