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Masters of Scale Brand Partners

Welcome to our community of business leaders and founders coming together to cultivate winning entrepreneurial mindsets to scale. 

We think very differently about how to partner with brands who wish to connect with the sophisticated, hard-to-reach listenership of Masters of Scale. Specifically, we seek out Brand Partners that have fascinating, counterintuitive insights — born out of their product and service expertise — that will unlock new ways of thinking in our audience of decision-makers. In fact, we curate our brand partners as we curate guests on the show, by holding to the highest standards of quality and creativity.  

Qualifying to become a Brand Partner is centered around our editorial team working with you to find and craft attention-grabbing stories for you to tell, directly, to the Masters of Scale listenership. Our listeners want to know how you see intriguing problems that business builders face, and how you have uniquely solved those problems through innovation and ingenuity — the embodiment of your product.

We invite you to learn more about becoming a Brand Partner to see if you are a fit.

 [bookmark]  What: The 3-Act story format

 [bookmark]  Who: The Masters of Scale premium listenership  

 [bookmark]  How: Qualifying & getting started 

What:  The 3-Act story format

Brand Partners have 100% share of voice per episode with our 3-Act story format.  

The vast majority of podcasts belong to ad networks that deliver them garden-variety ad copy for hosts to read in a spot advertising model. However, we made the decision early on to partner directly with companies to tease out important ideas that can be crafted into memorable stories — told directly by a charismatic leader in the company — over 3 “acts” (:60 pre-roll, 1st :60 mid-roll, and 2nd :60 midroll) — and embedded inside Masters of Scale episodes. We employ the same storytelling mastery in creating the 3-Act ads with our brand partners as we do in creating the episodes themselves.

This is our take on the Hero’s Journey — with you, the brand, as the guide and narrator of the stories you want to tell, that speak to the exceptionality of your company and products. This approach, unique to Masters of Scale, has been wildly successful for our brand partners because it’s the most authentic, direct way to give you influence over our listenership. And because storytelling is our mastery, you’ll come away from the creative experience with narratives that match what the best advertising agencies could deliver. 

Who: Masters of Scale listeners & dedicated community

Our community comprises one of the most coveted, hard-to-reach groups of founders, C-suite executives and business leaders in the world.  

  • 58% identify as founders, entrepreneurs or C-suite (CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, etc.)
  • 32% identify as non-C-suite executives (VP, Director, Head of, etc.)
  • 43% of listeners have a masters, Ph.D., JD or other secondary degree

The 3-Act ads created with our Brand Partners are dynamically inserted into new episodes that run weekly as well as the entire deep and rich collection.  

How: Qualifying & Getting Started 

Reach out to us — we’d love to learn what you know that will light up our listeners:

[email protected]

We’ll discuss your goals and unique insights and ideas, to determine if the content we could create together in the form of 3-Act ads would capture the attention of the Masters of Scale listenership. Of course, we can share pricing and next availability with you. From there, we can provide information that describes the editorial process we’d undertake together and formalize the partnership. 

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