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Susy Schöneberg

Susy Schöneberg is the head of, the nonprofit arm of logistics firm Flexport. Since launching in 2016, has delivered aid to more than 60 countries, and is now at work around Ukraine, assisting aid organizations from UNICEF to Project Hope.

“I myself was born in a country with a totalitarian regime. And I know that peace anywhere on this earth is not a given. And so we constantly have to look out for each other.”

— Susy Schöneberg
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Susy Schöneberg, guest
March 17, 2022

“My big call to action would be to support existing organizations,” says Susy Schöneberg, the founder and head of, the nonprofit arm of the logistics firm Flexport. Schöneberg and her team are organizing complex shipments of relief goods to Ukrainian refugee sites across Eastern Europe; she breaks down how her organization has been safely managing the flow of goods toward displaced refugees and the best way you can get involved — as a citizen or company. She leaves us with a lesson that applies to any crisis: joining together can produce far better results than trying to do it alone.