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Sarah Friar

Sarah Friar is the CEO of Nextdoor. Previously, she served as CFO of Square, and SVP of finance and strategy at Salesforce. She’s also on the Board of Directors of Slack and Walmart. She recently co-launched Ladies Who Launch, an organization that celebrates women entrepreneurs.

“Empathy is keeping our customers front and center at all costs.”

— Sarah Friar
Featured in these episodes:
Sarah Friar, guest
October 20, 2020

A social network that limits your network? Yes. Meet Nextdoor, a hyperlocal social network that’s all about who you really are and where you really live. Although it goes against everything that we’ve come to expect from social networks, Nextdoor’s secret to scale lies in real personal connections based on empathy and kindness. And this is what Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar knows: No, these connections don’t scale as fast – but they tend to be stronger. And they can be the flywheel that drives you to scale. 

Sarah Friar, guest
April 24, 2020

In crisis, having a strong neighborhood makes you more resilient. Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar shares new features, like Help Maps and Groups, that rolled out during the pandemic to help residents connect and coordinate. Some are new products, some in development pre-Covid — but all can help neighbors act as the frontline of support for one another.