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Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the CEO of Americorps, the U.S. government agency that facilitates volunteer efforts across the nation of tens of thousands of Americans every year. Dramatically bigger than the Peace Corps, Americorps supports disaster relief as well as local community organizations, while disbursing billions of dollars to nonprofits.

“Volunteering and service can take you on this pathway from charity to justice. It helps to build a muscle.”

— Michael Smith
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Michael Smith, guest
July 7, 2022

Volunteering and service are muscles that can close America’s divides and push social change. Speaking live at the 2022 Social Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C., AmeriCorps’ new CEO, Michael Smith, shares a vision for healing sociopolitical divides through partnerships and on-the-ground experiences. When it comes to tackling natural and social crises, he’s prioritizing impact over volume.