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Jen Pahlka

Jen Pahlka is the former U.S. deputy chief technology officer, founder of Code for America, and cofounder of U.S. Digital Response.

“Government matters – and we’ve neglected that machinery.”

— Jen Pahlka
Featured in these episodes:
Jen Pahlka, guest
April 23, 2020

The onset of pandemic exposed deep flaws in many national governments’ plans for crisis response. Jen Pahlka of U.S. Digital Response, a nonpartisan group offering tech help to local governments, shares what she’s seeing now – and what a modern government could do in the future.

Jen Pahlka, cameo
May 18, 2021

Creating a prototype isn’t the same as leading a team of thousands. You need to keep your mission constant, but your tactics fluid as you scale. This is the challenge President Barack Obama faced after winning the 2008 election. In the second part of interview, we dive into how he grappled with the Great Recession, the Affordable Care Act, and the disastrous rollout of Through it all, he learned to let first principles guide the way, even as he and his staff adapted to new realities and changing rules.