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Don MacKinnon

Don MacKinnon is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded HEAR Music (acquired by Starbucks); helped build the nonprofit Product (RED) with Bono; was co-founder/ CEO of Milq, a social network that connects people based on cultural passions; and now leads Hark, a podcast discovery tool.

Featured in these episodes:
Don MacKinnon, cameo
May 21, 2019

You can bootstrap your business to scale, but you’ll have to make your own luck. Nobody knows this better than Mailchimp’s Ben Chestnut. He used a DIY ethos to grow a $600M company without ever raising a dollar of outside funding. The Mailchimp story is the exception to Reid’s rule (Generally: Raise more money than you think you need!). The episode explores a range of options for those who don’t fit the VC-funding mold for any set of reasons. Cameo appearances: LeVar Burton (Star Trek, Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton Reads), Don MacKinnon (Milq), Karen Cahn (iFundWomen).