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Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist who runs a national mental health clinic that focuses on neuroscience and brain health in order to treat disorders. He argues that people who seek conflict have different brains than those who are conflict averse.

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Daniel Amen, cameo
November 26, 2019

Healthy debate, even argument, can shine a light on holes in a critical theory, it can stop a disaster from occurring, and it can lead you to discover radical new solutions. This is something legendary investor Ray Dalio knows. But there’s a difference between constructive and destructive conflict – and Dalio is a master at spotting the difference. In constructive conflict, a team has a shared goal, whether or not they have differing opinions. And this is the key to success. Cameo appearances: Steve Horgan (USA Field Hockey Director of Umpiring), Daniel Amen (psychiatrist, founder Amen Clinics).