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Andy Katz-Mayfield

Andy Katz-Mayfield is the co-founder and co-CEO of Harry’s, the shaving and consumer products company.

“There were some benefits to the merger. But we’re much better off as an independent company.”

— Andy Katz-Mayfield
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Andy Katz-Mayfield, guest
May 6, 2021

Harry’s took a one-two punch in 2020 – right on the chin. First, the federal government blocked a $1.37 billion acquisition of the shaving products company; then Covid-19 lockdowns hit. Rather than reeling from the abrupt change, Harry’s kept its balance. Co-founder and co-CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield explains how the team launched new brands amid the pandemic, tapped into unexpected demand, and even raised fresh capital. It’s a classic entrepreneurial feat: finding new opportunity amid disruption.