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Strategy Session: How to stay inspired while remote? Is there a co-founder advantage?

September 20, 2022

Can a small entrepreneur make an impact within a massive, complex system, like healthcare or education? What’s the best framework to amplify the positive side of having co-founders and avoid the negatives? Reid Hoffman and Bob Safian answer these and more questions from small business owners in the Masters of Scale community. Plus: in our Need to Know segment, Reid & Bob take on a burning question: How can Black founders beat the odds and find funding?

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Strategy Session: How can a start-up beat a Goliath? What gets top talent to stay put?

Laura Craig, Career development, Fiores Florentino, Commercial director, Thena Johnstone, Founder, Aparna Sarin, Managing VP, Ivan Todorov, Founder & CEO

June 14, 2022

How can a small business survive a David vs. Goliath competition? If two sets of stakeholders have opposing needs, how can a start-up pivot to keep them both happy? Reid Hoffman and Bob Safian answer these questions and more from small business owners in the Masters of Scale community. Plus: another round of Pivot Point!

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Strategy Session: How to make the most of tough pivots? What are the right growth targets?

Shamini Dhana, Founder, Antoni Gruca, Founder, Krystal Lucado, Founder, Hoda Mehr, Founder

February 15, 2022

How do you best prepare for entrepreneurship? Reid Hoffman answers five burning questions from our Masters of Scale Members about tough pivots, growth targets, name changes and more. With Members Antoni Gruca (HEC-42 Launchpad), Krystal Lucado, Tudor Mihailescu (SpeechifAI, Inc.), Hoda Mehr (Stock Card), and Shamini Dhana (D/Sphere).

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Strategy Session: How to protect yourself from copycat businesses? When should you seek funding? Plus: the Pivot Point game show!

December 14, 2021

How can you entice funders to invest in a niche business? Business from our signature three-act ads ask host Reid Hoffman critical questions for challenges they’re facing now. With John and Kendall Antonelli (Antonelli’s Cheese Shop), Brit Rettig Wold (GRIT Fitness), Matthew Goins (Puzzle Huddle), Monisha Edwards (Scent & Fire Candle Company), and Ricardo Regalado (Rozalado Services & Route). Plus: the Pivot Point game show, w/Tara Wilson (Fierce Lab), Tudor Mihailescu (SpeechifAI), Greg Gallimore (Gensler Group & WUBI), Becky Pallack (Arizona Luminaria),

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Strategy Session: When should founders step aside? Where can you find investors? Were pandemic pivots harmful?

Jeff Braverman, Founder, Kris Buchanan, Founder, Ben Harrison, Founder, Anne Kave, Head of business brand and product marketing, Mike Lenard, Founder, Francis Nwabudike, President & CEO, Eric Suan, Founder

July 20, 2021

What are the best fundraising options if you can’t access a major VC firm? When should you hire your replacement as CEO? Is blitzscaling still the best strategy in a context of uncertainty? Reid Hoffman answers critical questions from six entrepreneurs across many industries and stages of scale. Co-hosted by Anne Kave, Capital One Business.

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Strategy Session: How transparent should you be with your board? How do you boost morale in dark days? Is it time to blitzscale?

Alejandro Artacho, Co-founder, Nadhir Ashafiq, Co-founder, Vladimir Davchev, Co-founder, Max Gaudereto Oliveira, Co-founder, Tayo Oviosu, Co-founder, Alexis Pantezis, Co-founder, Arthur Silva, Co-founder, Gizem Yasa, Co-founder

July 14, 2020

How can you be transparent but inspiring with your board and your team? What does the future of blitzscaling look like now? Reid Hoffman answers questions from Endeavor entrepreneurs, alongside founder Linda Rottenberg.

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Strategy Session: How to stay agile and build a business, post-pandemic?

Derek Brown, Founder & CEO, Kathleen Egan, Co-founder & CEO, Nadayar Enegesi, Co-founder & CEO, Bob Moore, Co-founder & CEO, Fares Siddiqui, Co-founder & CEO, Nancy Yu, Co-founder & CEO

June 9, 2020

Startups never stop not even during a global pandemic. But how do you stay agile and find your markets in times of crisis? And do constraints always lead to creativity, really? Entrepreneurs from Village Global ask Reid Hoffman their top-of-mind questions.

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Strategy Session: When to replace the founder as chief salesperson, how to be a learn-it-all, when to take the “venture bet”

Davide Dattoli, Co-founder & CEO, André Ferraz, Co-founder & CEO, Ahmed Hamdan, CEO, Mariano Nuñez, CEO, Verónica Pascual Boé, CEO, Augustina Sartori, Founder & CEO, Thmoaz Srougi, Founder & chair

February 20, 2020

Growth vs innovation, scale vs stability, founders vs CEOs? High-performing scale-ups from around the world ask Reid their urgent strategic questions. This episode features Endeavor’s Outliers the fastest-growing, highest-performing entrepreneurs from this global incubator.

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Strategy Session: When not to blitzscale, how to persuade your board to let you slow down, and: Are you in a Glengarry Glen Ross market?

Alejandro Artacho, Co-founder, Hande Cilingir, Co-founder & CEO, Ahmed Hamdan, CEO, Youngme Moon, Donald K. David Professor of Business, Mariano Nuñez, CEO, Adalberto Flores Ochoa, CEO, Anabel Perez, Co-founder & CEO, Nirmal Rajaram, CEO

January 17, 2020

When’s the right time for hypergrowth? Should you take investment when you don’t need the money? How do you deal with an exhausted team? A global panel of entrepreneurs from Endeavor ask Reid Hoffman their questions about raising capital, pivoting their product, bootstrapping vs. blitzscaling and more.

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Strategy Session: How do you leap from your early adopters to your long-term core customers?

Tuhin Chakraborty, Co-founder, Laura Douglas, Co-founder & CEO, Dominic Eggert, Co-founder, Emil Fristed, CEO, Sasha Haco, Co-founder & CEO, Long Hoang, Co-founder, Max Mundt, Co-founder & CTO, Raj Srinivasan, Co-founder

September 26, 2019

How do you gain your users’ trust? How do you build a team and company culture at the same time? Reid Hoffman answers questions from eight early-stage entrepreneurs all over the world. Co-hosted with Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine.

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