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Empathy in AI

MUSTAFA SULEYMAN: It takes a little bit of naivete to declare that your mission is to build artificial general intelligence ethically and safely.


Keep it simple to make it timeless

REID HOFFMAN: Imagine you’re a kid visiting a library for storytime. 

Once you get past the stuffy Dewey decimalization of the grown-ups shelves, …

Scale your curiosity

JESSIE BARRY: Swainson’s thrush — one of those birds that has a beautiful song, but you don’t see ’em that often. They hang out …

Evolve your vision

Ron Howard on trusting his own curiosity

RON HOWARD: I was out there hustling and not getting a lot of parts.

I was no …

Harness fear to drive innovation, part 1

With guest host Angela Ahrendts (Burberry, Apple). To innovate, you need to build an instinct to smash through barriers — especially the ones that terrify you. Music industry legend Jimmy Iovine has done this throughout his career working with legendary artists like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, and Dr. Dre, working in innovative tech like Beats Electronics and Apple Music, as well as in his groundbreaking work educating the next generation of creatives.

In part one of this two-part episode, we learn how fear is the tailwind that Jimmy has harnessed to break down barriers and drive creative breakthroughs.