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How women saved the economy

Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck discusses Ellevest reaching $2 billion in assets under management and what the milestone indicates about the state of gender equity in 2024.

5 ways to give your writing the AI boost

Check out our guide to leveraging AI as a writing partner to generate ideas faster, reduce code-switching, and maintain a consistent voice using using Grammarly – a Masters of Scale partner.


Join host Janet Hsieh in uncovering hidden gems, magical moments, and unique learnings in iconic business travel destinations.

San Francisco | Oct. 22-24, 2024
Summit 2024

The Masters of Scale Summit is an unmatched accelerator and moment of ignition for the most forward-thinking, fast-scaling business leaders. Summit is designed to immerse attendees in an environment of innovation, acceleration, and co-elevation.

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Forward-thinking, fast-scaling business leaders in an environment designed to cultivate innovation, acceleration, and co-elevation.

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